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This system is completely server based. This means that you and your employees or clients only need a standard Internet connection and browser. No need to purchase costly database software, configure web servers, or support a local server infrastructure. It's already done.

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Productivity Tools using Advanced Web Services.
pad Productivity modules:

The InterRight modules listed below are completely configurable allowing a seamless integration with your website. All modules can be 'skinned' to keep the look and feel of your brand.
  • Members Directory
    Site editors can add/delete members, change member properties and promote or disable members. Guest members and 'Network' members are also available.
  • Calendars
    Calendars can be configured for public, group or personal usage. Use the color schema to highlight important events.
  • Customer Database
    Keep track of customer information and collaborate with others in your sales team. Customer information can be linked to the product inventory tracking system and invoice sales systems.
  • File Sharing/Document Management
    Upload documents and spreadsheets to create a common library for your users. Files can be checked in or out for control purpose or set for downloading only.
  • Discussions Threads
    Create a discussion group for on any topic. Allow users to post new question or comment on existing posts.
  • Web Email
    If a domain is configured with your system, Email may be sent or received by any member. All the standard web based email features are available plus Personal/Global Contacts lists and Filters.
  • Feedback Forms
    Create web forms to allow public/private users the ability to submit information. This information is stored in your database and can be easily access for review.
  • Test/Quiz/Survey System
    You input the questions, up to 10 possible answers, and allow your users to take the test. Later, access the system and analyze the results.
  • Activity Schedules
    Use the calendar to display upcoming Activities and Events from your web site.
  • Image Library
    Store a collection of photo images and document important information such as Author, Dates, Descriptions, Categories and more.
  • Email Marketing
    All Productivity Modules have the ability to send email messages to emails stored within the Module. Create a Text or HTML message, query the information within the module (all or a subset) and schedule the time to be sent. The system will send the messages to the appropriate emails.
  • User Definable List Management
    Modules can be configured to store many different types of lists. The administrator assign Text boxes, Pull Downs, Check Boxes, Date/Time and other types of input fields to create your custom list.
  • Product Resource Management
    PRM (Product Resource Management) is a system that will keep track of sales orders, inventory, customers, products and fulfillment requirement. PRM is an elegant solution for companies that have offsite offices and warehouses.
  • Data Queries
    All modules have an advance Query subsystem. You can search, sort and then choose the appropriate user definable report to display the data. This allows you manage and analyze your data effectively.
  • Validation
    Any module that is storing contact information can be configured to send a message to the contact/person which will include a link that will allow the user to update the information. This is a great way to keep your contact information current.
  • Reports
    Administrators can create reports by choosing any of the fields in the module and assigning them in order. Reports can be display in column, row, calendar, Thumbnail/Photo, Threads, Excel, XML or Raw Data formats.
  • Administration
    Module settings are controlled by the Administrator. Module setting include: user access, custom look and feel, field definitions, input forms, reports and other administration tasks.
pad Other Professional Services:

Full service Web Hosting, Web Design, Custom Database Design and Consulting for Data Acquisition is available.
  • Web Hosting
  • DNS Management
  • Datebase Design
  • Data Acquisition Strategy
pad General Information:

InterRight is committed to providing the best service for our customers. Unlike other similar products, our system is designed to blend with your branding and company image. Using a service like InterRight will reduce web/database design costs and speed time-to-market.
  • Email Correspondence
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  • Pricing
    • Small - 1-10 users, 50 Megs, $100.00
    • Standard - 1-10 users, 1 Gig, $150.00
    • Business - 1-50 users, 2 Gigs, 1 web site, $250.00
    • Professional - 1-1000 users, 2 Gigs, 1 web site $300.00
    • Other services (Hosting, DNS, Consulting) available on request.
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